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We understand that taking care of a pet can be overwhelming. There are so many questions, so many unknowns. That’s why we’re here. We want to take the mystery out of pet care. Check this space for tricks of the trade from our vets!

How Can I Help My Dog With Osteoarthritis?

If your once-energetic pal is starting to slow down, Osteoarthritis could be the culprit. This progressive joint disease leads to inflammation, stiffness, and pain. But thanks to new treatments, dogs… Read more

What You Need to Know About Canine Influenza

Chances are, if your dog goes to daycare or boarding, they may need a canine influenza (CI) vaccine.  You may have heard about a current shortage of the vaccine.  If… Read more

When Was The Last Time Your Pet Saw The Vet?

If it was over a year ago (or you can’t remember!) you might want to consider making an appointment for a wellness exam and testing soon. At Shelburne Veterinary Hospital… Read more

My pet has an ear infection. What do I do?

An ear infection is one of the most frequently diagnosed medical conditions in pets—especially dogs with floppy ears. Signs of an ear infection can include scratching at the ears, head… Read more

“No Littering” Is Always in Season

Because of unintended pregnancies, millions of dogs and cats go homeless every year in our country. According to the Humane Society of the United States, between 6- 8 million pets… Read more

How to Keep Parasites off Your Pet

Fleas. Ticks. Roundworm, heartworm and tapeworm. Our animals are a walking buffet to them, and once they’re on your dog or cat, it’s a short ride on the pet express… Read more

Vermont Winter Pet Safety Tips

Cold weather means bundling up in warm clothes, cooking comfort food and winterizing your vehicles. As the temperature drops, don’t forget to winterize your pets, too! Here are a few… Read more

How can I keep my pets safe during the winter holidays?

No doubt about it—the holidays are going to look a little different this year. Festive gatherings will likely be a lot smaller than in the past if they happen at… Read more

Update on Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus 2 (RHDV2)

New fatal diseases that spread easily are scary for pet owners. Rabbit Hemorrhagic Diarrhea Virus 2 (RHDV2) is one such disease. It is not a new virus, but it is… Read more

I Want to Take My Dog for a Run. Should I?

No doubt about it: dogs need and – benefit from – regular exercise. For a lot of pup parents, the preferred mode of exercise is a nice, leisurely walk or… Read more

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