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Avian Medicine

Avian Medicine

Birds make wonderful, fascinating companions—but they do require consistent care to keep them happy and healthy. That includes consistent veterinary care, proper nutrition, training, and an enriched environment. Shelburne Veterinary Hospital has the specialized expertise, trained staff, and equipment to provide the medical care birds need. Our avian veterinary services include:

  • Annual wellness physical examinations
  • Professional bird wing-clipping, beak trimming, and nail trimming
  • Full diagnostic testing such as fecal exams, X-rays, blood tests, skin scrapings and DNA sexing
  • Medications and supplements tailored to the needs of your pet
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Behavioral counseling
  • Minor Surgery

Annual Examinations are Important for Birds

The single most important thing you can do to maintain your avian friend’s health is to make sure you keep up with regular veterinary exams. Treatment for any avian disease is most effective if the disease is caught early before your bird is showing signs of illness. During your bird’s annual exam, our veterinarian may recommend additional testing for your bird to confirm that he or she is healthy and to ensure your bird hasn’t acquired any viruses or pathogens that can be transmitted to other animals.

We recognize that coming to the hospital can be a stressful experience for any pet, particularly our bird patients. We are very sensitive to this fact and do whatever we can to limit this stress. Your bird may be more comfortable in a quiet, dark place for traveling, so talk to us about the appropriate carrier for your size and type of bird. If possible, acclimate your bird to his/her carrier prior to your visit with us.

Please give us a call today to set up a wellness appointment for your feathered pet or call us at 802-985-2525 if you have any concerns that your bird may be ill.

Dr. Bisson is available to see birds Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.