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My dog gained 10 pounds even though she exercises; should I put her on a diet?

A few initial thoughts: like in people, maintenance of a healthy dog’s weight is a matter of calories in equaling calories out. As puppies mature into adult dogs, their calorie needs decrease. It might be time to revisit the quantity and quality of your dog’s food and perhaps give her a bit less at each meal.

Common culprits in pet weight gain are too many treats or human food (or both!) We often give our pets treats throughout the day or give them bites of our meals, and it’s easy to lose track of how much they’ve had. These calories can add up and result in weight gain.

Assessing how many extra treats your dog gets may help shed some light on her recent increase in weight. While we want to spoil our pets, carrying extra pounds can cause wear on their joints and may lead to other health issues over time, so managing their weight is important.

Finally, when in doubt, check with your vet to rule out health issues like an under-active thyroid that might be triggering weight gain.