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Due to COVID-19 related restrictions, we are experiencing processing and shipping delays for some of our orders. We recommend placing your orders earlier than needed so that you do not run out of food or prescription medications.

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Exotic Pets and You – A Match?

Exotic pets–from parakeets to geckos to hedgehogs–can make wonderful companions! Unfortunately, many are purchased on a whim. Take your time when choosing an exotic pet—for their sake and yours.

Most exotic pets are highly intelligent creatures that require a great deal of attention and care. They can thrive in the right home, providing a novel and fun experience for their owners. Their dietary, environmental and social needs must be met to keep them healthy and happy, and these needs should be taken into consideration before bringing an exotic companion into your home. 

Before you get an exotic pet, ask yourself these questions to determine if your home is conducive to owning this type of pet.

  • Can you and your family tolerate the noise of a parrot? Parrots naturally chatter and squawk around feeding time, early in the morning and at dusk.
  • Can you and your family tolerate cleaning up the frequent droppings of a rabbit or guinea pig?
  • Can you live with the large tank and bubbling water filtration system needed by a turtle?
  • Do you have plenty of space? Bird and mammal cages (and toys and bedding and supplies) can take up a great deal of space. If you live in a small apartment, you (and your neighbors) might not be able to tolerate these noise and space restrictions.

Do you have small children? Small children and large birds or mouthy small mammals, like ferrets, often don’t mix; these pets may be scared by quick movements and react by screaming or nipping your child. So, if you have a young child, you should pass on these exotics until the kids reach elementary school. 

Do you have more questions? We are happy to talk with you about owning an exotic pet. Give us a call at (802) 985-2525.