Shelburne Veterinary Hospital

Updated Policies During COVID-19 Outbreak

We are excited to announce our doors will be fully open as of 8/1/2021!

Effective 8/1/2021, we will be allowing normal traffic inside the hospital. When you arrive for an appointment you can come in as normal through the front door and check-in with reception in person. You will be able to be in the exam room with your pet during the exam and to discuss your questions or concerns with the technician and doctor.

You may also enter the building as normal to pick up medications or prescription diets.

To ensure the comfort and safety of our clients and our staff, exam rooms will be cleaned and sanitized between appointments and common areas will be cleaned regularly. If you would prefer that the technician and doctor wear a mask during your visit please let us know, or if you would prefer to remain in your car while we see your pet inside we are happy to continue curbside service upon request. Simply call us at 985-2525 when you arrive.